The qqplot function calculates percentiles (1–99) for two sample sets, based on queries, so they can be compared visually. The qqplot function takes four parameters:

  1. The numeric field for which to calculate the percentiles

  2. The Lucene/Solr query for the sample set A

  3. The Lucene/Solr query for the sample set B

  4. The sample size for both sample sets

Sample syntax

select qqplot(sepal_width_d, "species_s:versicolor", "species_s:virginica", 150) as quantiles,
from iris

Result set

The result set for the qqplot function contains one row for each percentile 1–99. The qqplot function returns the percentile (1–99). The quantiles_estimate_a and quantiles_estimate_b fields contain the estimated percentile value, for sample sets A and B, at each percentile.

Sample result set in Apache Zeppelin

Sample result set


The qqplot function can be visualized by plotting the percentile (1-99) on the x-axis and the quantiles_estimate_a and quantiles_estimate_b columns on the y-axis.

Sample visualization of percentiles in Apache Zeppelin

Sample visualization