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    Regions are physical locations around the world where your Springboard data is stored, queried, and ingested. Springboard stores your applications and data sources in regions and lets you choose a region when creating an application or data source.

    The region that your application is stored in determines where your application data is stored and queried.

    The region that your data source is stored in determines where your data source information is ingested.

    Region selection is permanent.

    Region selection guidelines

    Typically, you store your application data and data source information in the same region, as this creates the best experience for your users.

    You can select a region that is physically close to your users. This improves latency so users receives their results faster.

    You can also select a region whose data storage and processing requirements you need to adhere to. If this is the case, you must select the same region for your applications and its associated data sources.

    You may store your applications and associated data sources in different regions. For example, you may process data in one region even though your users query the data from another region. In this situation, selecting one region for your data sources and the region closest to your userbase improves latency at the query and ingestion stages.

    Available regions

    The values for the region field are eu-london and us-southcarolina.