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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Developer documentation

    The developer documentation offers tools to help you learn more about Springboard APIs. Springboard authenticates using OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant type, a standard that defines a secure protocol for protecting your data.

    Springboard uses different URLs for the authentication API and various operations APIs:

    Authentication API

    Query operations API

    Push operations API

    Authentication API

    Your application needs permission to access the operations APIs. The Springboard authentication token expires after one hour. Create a new authentication token after this time.

    For more information about Springboard API authentication, see Authentication API.

    Operations APIs

    Operations APIs let you work with documents and other resources exposed by Springboard.

    The Query API is used for various query operations, including getting results from search, searchahead, and other search-related endpoints.

    The Push API is used to push structured data to Springboard to make it searchable.

    Developer tools

    Change the request language

    The developer tools offer dozens of request languages to suit your development environment. To change the language of a request:

    1. Navigate to an API endpoint.

    2. Click Request Sample.

      Choose a request language

    3. From the list of languages, select a language for the API request.

    To copy the request to your clipboard, click Copy.