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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    Users are members of your organization invited to access your Springboard applications.

    Status badges

    Springboard uses color-coded notifications to indicate the status of a user.

    The following table describes the information:


    First and last name of the user.


    Statuses include:

    • Active. User has clicked the Activate link in the email and can access the Springboard applications.

    • Awaiting Activation. User is invited, but has not clicked the Activate link in the email.

    • Deleted. User account has been deleted.

    • Deprovisioned. User account has been deactivated and cannot access the Springboard application.

    • Recovery. User account was once deprovisioned, but has been recovered for future use.

    • Password-expired. User must create a new password to reactivate the account.


    Date the invitation was created.

    Workspace Role

    Permission level for this user. Options are: Workspace Member and Workspace Owner.


    User’s email address.


    Springboard uses roles to give users varying levels of access to Springboard’s applications and settings. Select a user to view their roles.

    Additional information

    For information about managing users, see: