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    Signals provide insights into the terms and phrases users enter to search for information and the results that most closely match the queries.

    Springboard supports:

    • Click signals. When a user clicks to perform any action in the application, a signal is recorded. One example of a click signal is when a user clicks a search result, which is a strong indicator the result is relevant.

    • Query signals. When a user clicks to send a query, a signal is recorded.

    To help improve relevancy over time, you can share signals with Springboard using the:

    Example scenario

    An example of how signals can improve relevancy is as follows:

    1. The user searches for children’s books.

    2. A query signal is recorded.

    3. The user clicks the third result, which is 100 Best Children’s Books of the 90’s.

    4. The click signal is recorded.

    5. More users send the same query for children’s books and click the same result.

    6. Each query and click signal is recorded.

    7. If there are more click signals for that result than any other, then Springboard determines 100 Best Children’s Books of the 90’s should be the first result for the children’s books query.

    In summary, although Springboard initially determined 100 Best Children’s Books of the 90’s should be the third result based on the content’s relevancy, click signals proved users were more interested in that result than the others so the relevancy improved.