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    This section contains helpful information and leading practices pertaining to designing and implementing search experiences. Here you’ll find strategies for building search features from scratch as well as resources for improving existing deployments and processes. Learn what features to use what metrics to track depending on your goals and use cases. While most of our documentation is geared toward technical audiences like data scientists and search engineers, this section is meant to support business enablement and empower decision makers within companies and organizations.


    Whether you’re building out an ecommerce website or an enterprise data management platform, fast and relevant search is a key component to success. Use these guides as a reference point when designing or improving your search implementation. This documentation covers the following use cases:

    • Ecommerce platforms

    • Knowledge management and workplace search

    • Customer service

    Additionally, the information provided here is meant to provide broad guidance about the building blocks of a search experience. For more in-depth instructions and concepts, refer to our product documentation.

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