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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    Springboard applications offer tailored search experiences to specific groups of users. See Springboard UI for more information.

    Connected Search is designed for site search. Index and search high-volume sites within minutes with built-in relevancy driven by machine learning.

    Multiple applications

    You can create multiple applications for different purposes. For example, an e-commerce company may create one application to index a product catalog, while another application only indexes an internal employee site. You can view all of your applications when you sign in to Springboard.

    Status badges

    Springboard uses color-coded notifications to indicate the status of an application.

    An active, configured application does not display a status in the top right corner of the application. Applications that are not active display a status. For example:

    • Ready to Configure. The application has been created and is ready to connect to a data source.

    • Service Issue. The application has encountered an issue and is not currently functional.


    Springboard supports regions for each application. Regions allow you to choose where your application data is stored and queried. You can place your Springboard applications in the geographic region closest to your end users or choose a region that helps you adhere to any regulatory requirements.

    Application access

    Springboard provides application security by restricting access via user authentication and authorization. You can define security on a per-application basis.

    • Authentication. Users sign in with a username and password.

    • Authorization. Permissions are configured to allow or restrict user access to specific functions.

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