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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    Springboard powers applications for search and customer service and allows non-technical users to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). Springboard applications help solve challenging business issues by providing:

    • Improved time to value

    • Simplified maintenance

    • Relevancy controls

    • Low risk, low effort search setup and integration

    Connected Search is designed for site search. Index and search high-volume sites within minutes with built-in relevancy driven by machine learning.

    Connected Search hub screen


    Data sources

    Data sources are complete data ingestion configurations that decide how to handle your data during ingestion by Springboard. When you run a fully configured data source, the result is a search-optimized indexed data set.


    Operations APIs let you work with documents and other resources exposed by Springboard.

    The Query API is used for various query operations, including getting results from search, searchahead, and other search-related endpoints.

    The Push API is used to push structured data to Springboard to make it searchable.

    The developer documentation offers tools to help you learn more about Springboard APIs. Springboard authenticates using OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant type, a standard that defines a secure protocol for protecting your data.

    Developer API tools

    For more information, see Developer documentation.

    Fine-tuned relevancy

    Experience Optimizer is the results configuration area for your application. Experience Optimizer lets you test, visualize, and improve search results so your end users have the best search experience.

    Experience Optimizer