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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Applications UI

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    When you select an application from the Applications Manager screen, the application’s user interface displays. The elements described in this topic display on multiple screens in Springboard. However, the central portion of this screen is information specific to the Hub screen.

    The sidebar provides quick access to screens within your application, including the Applications Manager, Hub, Experience Optimizer, data sources, and more. Use the sidebar to navigate your application.

    The icon for the current page displays with the name below it.

    Icon Description

    Sidebar Icon Application Manager

    Return to the Applications Manager screen.

    Sidebar Icon Hub

    Display the application’s Hub screen to view a summary of your application.

    Sidebar Icon Experience Optimizer

    Open Experience Optimizer to curate results for data source crawls.

    Sidebar Icon Data Sources

    Open the Data Sources screen to view, edit, delete, or add new URLs to crawl.

    Sidebar Icon Application Integrations

    Open Integrations to configure embeds and obtain API credentials.

    Click your user profile to sign out of Springboard.

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