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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Managed Fusion versus Fusion

    With Managed Fusion, Lucidworks installs, deploys, and scales the platform for you. Some customization options are only available in self-hosted Fusion, while some machine learning features are only available in Managed Fusion. The following table is a partial comparison of the products based on the most current release of Fusion.

    Feature Fusion (self-hosted) Managed Fusion Notes

    Cloud signal storage

    Consumption dashboard

    Entitlements and limitation metrics apply to Managed Fusion clients only.

    Custom connectors (hosted on Fusion)

    Custom Docker images

    Custom index stages and SDKs

    Custom query stages and SDKs

    Custom connectors (hosted by client)

    Full control of your Fusion deployment

    Lucidworks manages deployments and upgrades for Managed Fusion clients.

    Grafana dashboards



    Managed Fusion-only releases

    Some releases and features are only available for Managed Fusion clients.

    Port forwarding

    Remote connectors

    Remote connectors let you index data behind firewalls.

    Reverse search

    Reverse search lets you set up monitoring queries that automatically include new documents.