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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    To ensure Managed Fusion operates efficiently and successfully, use the information in these topics to configure Managed Fusion correctly and monitor system processes.

    Access control

    Configuring your users' access to different parts of Managed Fusion ensures that they can access only the parts of Managed Fusion that are necessary to perform essential fuctions.

    You can create users and realms to give your connectors and APIs only the access they need.

    • Use an API key instead of a username and password combination to power your search application or operations.

    • Set UI or API permissions to determine what a user can do in Managed Fusion.

    • Combine sets of permissions into roles to grant users access to specific parts of the Managed Fusion UI or API.

    • Authenticate users into Managed Fusion with security realms.

    Security options

    Security is essential to ensure successful operations.

    The Security concept page provides general information about authentication and authorization of users, as well as links to more detailed instructions.

    Monitoring functions

    After Managed Fusion is configured and operational, monitoring is required to maintain successful platform operations. The Monitoring section provides information and links to observe, investigate, and troubleshoot issues.

    Managed Fusion jobs and job scheduling

    Jobs are system tasks that load and aggregate data, train models, and perform other activities to help keep your search platform running efficiently. For more information, see Jobs and scheduling.