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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Metrics and analytics

    Tracking your metrics and analytics help you to understand how your search is performing and how your users are interacting with your search. You can use this data to continue improving your search apps over time. Managed Fusion has several features built in to track your experiment results, search data, and signals data.


    Experiments let you test any changes you make to your query pipeline or query paramers to verify that the results work as intended for your users. Experiments provide A/B testing and metrics.

    App Insights

    App Insights provides detailed, real-time, searchable reports and visualizations derived from your signals data. It also provides alerts and triggers to notify you when specific events occur.

    Managed Fusion system metrics

    Managed Fusion system metrics are logged and available in the UI, in log files, and through the REST API. For information on monitoring and system status, see Monitoring.