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    Release notes provide detailed descriptions of the relevant changes included with each Fusion release, including new features, improvements, bug fixes, and more.

    Due to the closely linked development lifecycles of Fusion and Managed Fusion, both products share the same release notes and deprecations documentation. However, changes specific to Managed Fusion are identified with the prefix "Managed Fusion only" within the release notes.

    Deprecations and Removals

    Every Managed Fusion release adds or improves Managed Fusion features and functionality. Occasionally, Lucidworks "deprecates" features, and they are no longer maintained, updated, or supported. Deprecated features should be planned for eventual removal. In many cases, new features are introduced which replace or improve the functionality of the deprecated feature.

    Similar to release notes, Fusion and Managed Fusion share the same deprecations and removals documentation. See Fusion’s Deprecations and Removals for a comprehensive list of active deprecations and removals for both Fusion and Managed Fusion.

    How long do I have before the feature is removed?

    Lucidworks gives a minimum of one minor release cycle before removing a deprecated feature. For example:

    • A feature is deprecated in Fusion 5.2.0, so it will not be removed before Fusion 5.3.0

    • A feature is deprecated in Fusion 5.2.1, so it will not be removed before Fusion 5.3.0

    Deprecations are typically made in major and minor releases only. Maintenance release deprecations are less common.