Fusion 5.10


    A datasource is a complete data ingest configuration that consists of the following components:

    • Connector. A connector is a built-in mechanism for pulling your data into Fusion. Lucidworks provides a wide variety of connectors, each specialized for a particular data type. For a list of connectors, see Fusion Connectors.

    • Parser. Parsers provide fine-grained configuration for inbound data. See Parsers for more information.

    • Index pipeline. Index pipelines transform incoming data for indexing by Fusion. See Index Pipelines for more information.

    Fusion 5.9 includes all available connectors in Indexing > Datasources. Some connectors come pre-installed, but you must install others manually. See Install a Connector - 5.2 and later for more information.


    See Configure A New Datasource for complete instructions.