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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion Connectors

    Connectors are pre-built components that act as bridges between your data and Fusion. They pull data from various sources and ingest it into Fusion for searching. Lucidworks provides a wide range of connectors, each specializing in a particular data type. There are connectors for databases, filesystems, repositories, social media, and more.

    Get Started

    Not sure where to begin? See the following resources to get familiar.

    Read the latest

    See the release notes for the latest connectors updates and releases.

    Learn about V1 and V2

    Connectors are offered in two frameworks: V1 and V2. Learn the differences.

    Install a connector

    Learn how to install a connector in Fusion.

    Configure a connector

    Learn how to set up a basic datasource in Fusion.

    Download V2 connectors

    Looking for direct downloads for V2 connectors? Start here.

    Develop a Connector

    Develop custom Fusion connectors using the Connector SDK.

    Find your connectors

    Use the connector selection tool to identify the most suitable connector for your project.

    Connectors SDK

    Fusion comes with a wide variety of connectors, but you can also develop custom Fusion connectors using the Connectors SDK.

    Java Connector Development

    The Lucidworks Connector SDK provides a set of components to support building all types of Fusion connectors...

    Simple Demo Connector

    The connector generates a configurable number of documents, all with random titles and body fields...

    SDK Javadocs

    See the Javadocs for your version of the Connectors SDK...