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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    APIsConfiguration specifications

    Managed Fusion’s REST APIs provide programmatic access to Managed Fusion services and features. You can use the APIs to automate tasks, integrate Managed Fusion with other systems, and build custom applications.

    API authentication

    There are two ways to authenticate when making API calls to Managed Fusion:

    • Basic authentication with a username and password

    • API key authentication

    Authenticate with basic auth

    You can use a Managed Fusion username and password to authenticate with Managed Fusion’s REST API. The user’s role and permissions must include access to the endpoints and methods you want to use.

    Authenticate with an API key

    You can use an API key instead of a username and password combination to power your search application or operations. Pass your API key to Fusion using either apiKey or x-api-key, as in these examples:

    curl -H "x-api-key: API_KEY" "https://FUSION_HOST/api/query/status"
    curl -H "apiKey: API_KEY" "https://FUSION_HOST/api/query/status"

    For more information, see API Keys.

    Access API endpoints

    API endpoints follow this pattern:


    This is different than the paths in the Swagger/OpenAPI specs, which specify the paths as /api/SERVICE_NAME/ENDPOINT. Omit the /api base path when making REST API calls to Managed Fusion.

    Discover API endpoints

    There are several ways to discover Managed Fusion’s REST API endpoints.

    Discover endpoints in the docs

    Navigate this documentation to find the API for each Managed Fusion service. On any API documentation page, click the View API specification button to see the Swagger/OpenAPI specs for that service’s API endpoints.

    You can also jump directly to the specs from here:

    Access the Swagger UI

    Access the Swagger UI at this URL:

    Use the Explore bar to switch between the APIs for different services. For any API you want to see, enter /SERVICE_NAME/v3/api-docs in the Explore bar. For example, enter /indexing/v3/api-docs to see the Indexing API:

    Swagger UI

    Get the API specs in JSON

    You can view or download the JSON-formatted API specs for each service by appending /v3/api-docs to the service’s base URL: