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    About Managed Fusion docs

    This site includes the new Managed Fusion documentation.

    If you’re looking for self-hosted Fusion documentation, select your Fusion version from the product selector or visit Fusion.

    Why is separate Managed Fusion documentation necessary?

    While Managed Fusion and self-hosted Fusion are similar in features and functionality, there are some key differences that require separate documentation for Managed Fusion. For example, Lucidworks manages the deployments and upgrades for Managed Fusion clients, while clients who choose to self-host Fusion must manage their own Fusion environments.

    For more information, see Fusion versus Managed Fusion.

    Is this documentation complete?

    We’re adding new documentation all the time, so revisit the documentation regularly. If you notice something missing, out of place, or not working as expected, use the Feedback form at the right side of each page to let us know.

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    Because the Managed Fusion documentation is new, we welcome your feedback.

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