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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion 5.11.0

    Release date: January 3, 2024

    Component versions:

    Component Version


    fusion-solr 5.11.0
    (based on Solr 9.4.0)






    GKE, AKS, EKS 1.27

    Rancher (RKE) and OpenShift 4 compatible with Kubernetes 1.27

    OpenStack and customized Kubernetes installs not supported.

    See Kubernetes support for end of support dates.

    Ingress Controllers

    Nginx, Ambassador (Envoy), GKE Ingress Controller

    Istio not supported.

    More information about support dates can be found at Lucidworks Fusion Product Lifecycle.

    Looking to upgrade?

    Check out the Fusion 5 Upgrades topic for details.

    New Features


    • The App Manager API provides programmatic access to information about your Fusion license, entitlements, and usage data. This data is also used to generate usage statistics in the Consumption Dashboard.

      For example, send a request to the /apps-manager/entitlements/current endpoint to retrieve general entitlements usage data:


      curl -u USERNAME:PASSWORD https://FUSION_HOST:FUSION_PORT/apps-manager/entitlements/current





    • Fusion now supports Kubernetes 1.27. This applies to GKE, AKS, and EKS. It also applies to Rancher (RKE) and OpenShift 4 versions that are compatible with Kubernetes 1.27. Refer to Kubernetes documentation at Kubernetes v1.27 for more information.

    • Fusion safeguards against indexing overload with an ingestion flow control system. This system prevents timeouts by:

      • Logging all Kafka topics used for indexing to aid in diagnosing performance issues.

      • Monitoring the rate of data production and consumption for each Kafka topic across all indexing jobs.

      • Automatically throttling producers to ensure consumers can keep up.

    • The Fusion UI is updated with improved messaging around Fusion license renewal and expiration dates.

      License details

      Fusion license update

      License expiration notice

      Fusion license expiration

    • The Fusion API Gateway now includes an optional Kubernetes health check. To enable this check, edit your values.yaml file, and add to the API Gateway’s javaToolOptions. For example:

          javaToolOptions: ""

      When enabled, if the health check fails during pod discovery, Kubernetes will restart the pod.

    • The fusion-solr Helm chart now accepts user-defined system properties that are set in values.yaml. In the values.yaml file, populate the solrEnvExtra array with entries for each desired variable. Each variable requires a name and either a direct value or a value source (valueFrom). These variables will be included in the final configuration in the order you provide them, following any variables dynamically generated by the Helm chart templates. For more information on Kubernetes environment variables, see Define Dependent Environment Variables.

    • The Fusion migration script is updated to align with changes from the Solr upgrade. The migration script:

      • Removes the unused configuration, <circuitBreaker>, from solrconfig.xml. Solr no longer supports this configuration.

      • Detects if StatelessScriptUpdateProcessorFactory is found in solrconfig.xml. The migration script will update the configuration, if possible, and provide guidance on actions you must take.

    Fusion connectors

    • The default number of fetch threads for V2 connectors is now 5. Previously, the default was 20. This default setting was reduced because some Fusion environments experienced failed datasource crawls as a result of too many requests in a short period of time.

    Bug Fixes

    • The Fusion API realm can now authenticate when an API key is passed via an apiKey query parameter. Previously, this only worked via the x-api-key header.

    • The ZooKeeper Docker image is updated to use Logback for logging instead of log4j. This change fixes a bug that forced all Zookeeper log messages to use the DEBUG level.

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in an HTTP 431 error when using the Fusion admin UI.

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in an HTTP 414 error when using the Rules UI.


    • Fusion has deprecated the Webapps service. In previous versions of Fusion, you could use this service to deploy an App Studio WAR file into Fusion. As of Fusion 5.11.0, you should instead deploy App Studio manually.


    • The previously non-functional Subscriptions UI has been removed. This is related to the removal of the Subscriptions API in Fusion 5.6.0.

    • MLeap is removed from the ml-model service. MLeap was deprecated in Fusion 5.2.0 and was no longer used by Fusion.