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    Fusion 5.12

    Couchbase V1Connector Configuration Reference

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    The Couchbase V1 connector uses the Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDCR) feature of Couchbase to retrieve data stored in Couchbase continuously in real-time.

    Deprecation and removal notice

    This connector is deprecated as of Fusion 4.2 and is removed or expected to be removed as of Fusion 5.0. Due to a dependency issue, the Couchbase V1 connector does not work as expected in Fusion 4.2. Use the Couchbase V2 connector instead.

    For more information about deprecations and removals, including possible alternatives, see Deprecations and Removals.

    This connector has been tested for compatibility with Couchbase Server 2.5.1 Enterprise Edition.


    When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

    Couchbase server. Uses Cross-Datacenter Replication (XCDR) to index Couchbase documents in real time. It never ends unless you stop the datasource.

    description - string

    Optional description for this datasource.

    id - stringrequired

    Unique name for this datasource.

    >= 1 characters

    Match pattern: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

    pipeline - stringrequired

    Name of an existing index pipeline for processing documents.

    >= 1 characters

    properties - Properties

    Datasource configuration properties

    client_host - string

    Host where Couchbase replica is running, which must be reachable from Couchbase server.

    >= 1 characters


    client_port - integer

    Port number where Couchbase client will be started.

    Default: 9876

    cluster_name - string

    Connector's cluster name in Couchbase server.

    >= 1 characters

    commit_on_finish - boolean

    Set to true for a request to be sent to Solr after the last batch has been fetched to commit the documents to the index.

    Default: true

    db - Connector DB

    Type and properties for a ConnectorDB implementation to use with this datasource.

    aliases - boolean

    Keep track of original URI-s that resolved to the current URI. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    inlinks - boolean

    Keep track of incoming links. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    inv_aliases - boolean

    Keep track of target URI-s that the current URI resolves to. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    type - string

    Fully qualified class name of ConnectorDb implementation.

    >= 1 characters

    Default: com.lucidworks.connectors.db.impl.MapDbConnectorDb

    initial_mapping - Initial field mapping

    Provides mapping of fields before documents are sent to an index pipeline.

    condition - string

    Define a conditional script that must result in true or false. This can be used to determine if the stage should process or not.

    label - string

    A unique label for this stage.

    <= 255 characters

    mappings - array[object]

    List of mapping rules

    object attributes:{operation : {
     display name: Operation
     type: string
    source required : {
     display name: Source Field
     type: string
    target : {
     display name: Target Field
     type: string

    reservedFieldsMappingAllowed - boolean

    Default: false

    skip - boolean

    Set to true to skip this stage.

    Default: false

    unmapped - Unmapped Fields

    If fields do not match any of the field mapping rules, these rules will apply.

    operation - string

    The type of mapping to perform: move, copy, delete, add, set, or keep.

    Default: copy

    Allowed values: copymovedeletesetaddkeep

    source - string

    The name of the field to be mapped.

    target - string

    The name of the field to be mapped to.

    max_docs - integer

    The maximum number of documents to process before stopping. The default, '-1', means no maximum and this connector will continue processing content indefinitely.

    Default: -1

    num_vbuckets - integer

    Number of VBuckets used by Couchbase. Values should be 64 if Couchbase server is installed on Mac OS or 1024 for other platforms. Note that the number of VBuckets must be consistent for both Couchbase server and Couchbase Connector. Connector will try to obtain correct value from Couchbase server and the value specified will be used in case of failure.

    Allowed values: 641024

    password - string

    Couchbase server's valid password.

    server_host - string

    Host where Couchbase server is running.

    >= 1 characters


    server_port - integer

    Port number where Couchbase server is running.

    Default: 8091

    source_buckets - array[object]

    Couchbase buckets to synchronize with.

    object attributes:{fieldmapping : {
     display name: Field mappings
     type: array
    name required : {
     display name: Bucket name
     type: string
    splitpath : {
     display name: Splitpath
     type: string

    username - string

    Couchbase server's valid username.

    verify_access - boolean

    Set to true to require successful connection to the filesystem before saving this datasource.

    Default: true