Fusion 5.8

On-premises V2 Connectors

On-premises V2 connectors let you index data behind firewalls. Fusion uses gRPC over HTTP/2 communication to bridge between firewalled on-premises remote connectors and Fusion clusters. This page explains some of the concepts around on-premises remote connectors. For configuration, refer to configuring on-premises V2 connectors.

Connector compatibility

Only V2 connectors are able to run remotely on-premises.

SharePoint Optimized V2 and LDAP ACLs V2 connectors do not support on-premises remote configuration.

Firewall configuration best practices

You can use a forward proxy server to allow HTTP/2 communication into the Fusion cloud. A forward proxy server acts as an intermediary between the firewalled connector and Fusion and will only allow specified communication traffic and block unauthorized traffic.