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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion 5.5.0

    Release date: March 18, 2022

    Component versions:

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    GKE, AKS, EKS 1.22

    Rancher (RKE) and OpenShift 4 compatible with Kubernetes 1.22

    OpenStack and customized Kubernetes installs not supported.

    See Kubernetes support for end of support dates.

    Ingress Controllers

    Nginx, Ambassador (Envoy), GKE Ingress Controller

    Istio not supported.

    More information about support dates can be found at Lucidworks Fusion Product Lifecycle.

    Looking to upgrade?

    Check out the Fusion 5 Upgrades topic for details.



    • Fusion services have been updated with the following versions:

      • Log4J service version 2.17.1

      • Tika 1.28

      • nginix 1.21.5-alpine

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed an issue that caused problems with access and configuration of kubelet options.

    • Fixed an issue that potentially allowed Read roles to create/delete Solr operations.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the logout option from being displayed if the "logout" button was clicked while creating or modifying an OIDC/SAML security realm.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to bypass the password field when using the tab button at login.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented App Insights from creating custom reports.

    • Fixed an issue that caused invalid language codes to be displayed in the Detect Language index pipeline stage.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the job list to disappear after saving the job settings.

    Predictive Merchandiser

    • Fixed an issue that caused console and facet elements to stretch too far across the screen.

    • Fixed an issue that made the + Add button unavailable to associate products with zero results.

    • Fixed an issue that caused results to disregard sorting attempts.

    • Fixed an issue that caused facet values with child facets to not expand when clicked.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented facet ordering from working as expected.

    • Fixed an issue that caused analytics chart cards to remain blank.

    • Fixed an issue that caused facets with no values to produce an error in query logs.


    • Various Connector improvements and bug fixes.


    The following features and functionalities are removed in Fusion 5.5.0:
    • The SharePoint V1 connector.

    • Child facet values have been removed from Hierarchical Facet breadcrumbs in favor of displaying facet values, to avoid confusion.

    Known Issues

    Users may experience one of the following issues with Predictive Merchandiser within the Fusion 5.5 release:
    • The Rules screen no longer loads in Predictive Merchandiser when importing an app after building from Fusion 5.5.

    • After importing an app running an earlier version of Solr, newly-created facets do not appear in the facet zone.

      Workaround Steps:

      In the solrconfig.xml, all cache classes that use solr.LRUCache must be changed to See Cache Implementations for more information.

    • Changing the Sort by order of results is not reflected in the results list.