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    Never Null

    Never Null is a cloud-based service that complements your existing search platform to provide relevant results for queries that would otherwise produce zero results or under-performing results. It uses deep learning and semantic vector search to produce relevant search results that you can use to replace your "0 results found" page or augment the results from your own search platform. With Never Null, your customers can find relevant products even when they misspell their query terms or use terms that have no exact matches in your product catalog.

    For example, imagine that a customer enters "dvdplayr" instead of "dvd player". A keyword search may return no results, but Never Null can still provide relevant results:

    Null results versus Never Null results

    You can transparently replace the null results with Never Null results, or present the Never Null results as alternative "Did you mean…​" results.

    Never Null provides the most relevant results based on semantic meaning and historical user behavior, not just keywords. When you query Never Null, you are not querying your product catalog or your signals catalog; you’re querying a data model that is trained to predict which results will engage your customers.

    Getting started

    Your initial integration with Never Null entails formatting your data according to our data models, then sending the complete dataset for analysis.

    Using your data, Lucidworks trains a custom deep learning model, tailored to your unique site. Allow some time for the Lucidworks team and the machine learning service to perform this initial analysis, especially if your catalog is large. Lucidworks will notify you when your Never Null data is ready to query.

    Using Never Null

    After the initial data ingest and analysis, you can: