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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Create a Custom Predictive Merchandiser Template Type

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    This article teaches you how to create custom Templates for Predictive Merchandiser. Once created, see Use Predictive Merchandiser Templates to learn how to use your custom template.

    To begin, access Templates in the Rules Editor by navigating to Relevance > Rules > Templates.

    Templates Manager

    Create a new template type

    1. From the Template Manager screen, click the New Template button.

    2. Add a user-friendly Display Name for your template. This example uses My Custom Template for the display name.

    3. In the type field, create a new template type by entering the name and clicking the Add button. This example uses custom as the new template type.

      Add custom template

    4. Click the Save button. The custom template type and template appear in the list of templates to the left.

      Add custom template

    5. Configure the template as desired. See Use Predictive Merchandiser Templates for more information.

    6. Click the Publish button. Review the changes, and click Confirm and Publish to publish your custom template type and template. The template is now available in the Merchandiser screen. The template activates based on your configurations.

      Add custom template