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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion 5.7.0

    Release date: December 13, 2022

    Component versions:

    Component Version


    fusion-solr 8.11.1
    (based on Solr 8.11.1)






    GKE, AKS, EKS 1.24

    Rancher (RKE) and OpenShift 4 compatible with Kubernetes 1.24

    OpenStack and customized Kubernetes installs not supported.

    See Kubernetes support for end of support dates.

    Ingress Controllers

    Nginx, Ambassador (Envoy), GKE Ingress Controller

    Istio not supported.

    More information about support dates can be found at Lucidworks Fusion Product Lifecycle.

    Looking to upgrade?

    Check out the Fusion 5 Upgrades topic for details.



    • Fusion now supports Kubernetes 1.24. This applies to GKE, AKS, and EKS. It also applies to Rancher (RKE) and OpenShift 4 versions that are compatible with Kubernetes 1.24.

    • Fusion now uses a custom Solr image called fusion-solr. This version of Solr is based on Solr 8.11.1 and adds functionality to support Fusion features.

    • Upgraded Fusion to use Tika 2.4.1.

    • Disabled browser autofill in Fusion data source configuration forms to prevent accidentally filling fields incorrectly.

    Fusion Connectors

    • A new connector, the Web V2 Connector, is added. This brings our Web connector from the classic framework to our V2 framework.

    Predictive Merchandiser

    • Improved UI elements in the Predictive Merchandiser.

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed an issue where pointing a Fusion collection at a Solr collection with a different name breaks queries to solrServer in Javascript stages.

    • Fixed an issue when adding a new Graph security trimming stage; now you can enter a comma-separated list of datasources in Exclude Data Source ID(s) and Inclusive Data Source ID(s) fields with spaces. For example, ds1, ds2, ds3.

    • Fixed an issue where documentation links pointed to Fusion 5.4 version, instead of the currently used version of Fusion.

    Fusion Connectors

    • The LDAP ACLs V2 connector is updated to reduce crawl bugs, prevent a false error from reporting when the crawl is stopped, and ensure permissions settings are kept in sync.

    • Fixed an issue with network policies that prevented the Sharepoint Optimized V2 connector plugin from indexing some data.

    • Fixed an issue with the ServiceNow connector where empty fields would cause an error and break the crawl.

    Predictive Merchandiser

    • Made the text box size larger to make it easier to enter multiple Boost Queries in the Rules Manager.

    Known Issues

    • A bug was discovered in the Spark 3.2.x component that prevents signal aggregation for signals stored in the cloud in Parquet format. For more information about the issue, see the Spark bug report.

      This issue is fixed in Fusion 5.7.1.


    • Removed deprecated NLP Annotator stage from Query Workbench and OpenNLP NER stage from Index Workbench.