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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Getting Data Out

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    Getting data out of Fusion can mean querying your content or your signals, or accessing other data for analytics.

    Querying Fusion

    Querying Fusion means sending a request to Fusion’s Query API endpoints, specifying the query profile and any Solr query parameters. The request is processed by the query pipeline associated with the specified profile, and the response includes any enhancements configured in the query pipeline. You can also enter queries in the Query Workbench to test your query pipeline.

    Start by learning the basics of querying, then about the out-of-the-box query enhancement features. For even more sophisticated personalization of search results, see Advanced Query Enhancement.

    Data analytics

    Fusion provides search and analytic functions that allow you to:

    • Explore and analyze the data retrieved

    • Run standard reports and create custom reports

    • Confirm the search results are what you intended to retrieve

    • Verify the accuracy of the results

    • Enable and run enhanced query options that can power virtual assistants and chatbots

    • Run options to assist with predictive analysis

    See Data Analytics for more information.