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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does Fusion use Custom Resource Definitions?

    Yes, Fusion 5 does utilize custom resource definitions. These CRDs are part of the install and are critical to the application. All CRDs are namespaced, following Kubernetes best practices for utilizing CRDs in a multi-tenant environment.

    Are any services installed at the cluster level?

    Yes, two services, Argo and Seldon-core are installed at the cluster level. These services, which are part of the ML/AI service infrastructure for Fusion, use web hooks, which must be installed at the cluster level. These web hooks are namespaced, following best practices for utilizing web hooks in a multi-tenant environment.

    Can I install Fusion 5 without using your Helm chart?

    Yes, but we strongly recommend that you use the Helm chart to install if you want to leverage Lucidworks support.

    Are there backup jobs used in disaster recovery situations for stateful services deployed to Kubernetes?

    There is no out-of-the-box backup solution for stateful services provided with Fusion. Lucidworks recommends having a plan in place to reindex data from its primary source as part of an overall disaster recovery strategy.

    Other questions?

    If you have a question about a resource not included here, please reach out to Lucidworks support