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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    To ensure Fusion operates efficiently and successfully, use the information in these topics to install and configure Fusion correctly and monitor system processes.

    Fusion 5 Survival Guide

    The Fusion 5 Survival Guide details how to install, configure, and run Fusion 5 in production in high availablity on Kubernetes. This comprehensive cloud operations guide is curated by the Fusion Engineering Team.

    Security options available

    Security is essential to ensure successful operations.

    The Security concept page provides general information about authentication and authorization of users, as well as links to more detailed instructions.

    Monitoring functions

    After Fusion is configured and operational, monitoring is required to maintain successful platform operations. The Monitoring section provides information and links to observe, investigate, and troubleshoot issues.

    Fusion jobs and job scheduling

    Jobs are system tasks that load and aggregate data, train models, and perform other activities to help keep your search platform running efficiently. For more information, see Jobs and scheduling.