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Version 4.2
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      Solr Update Parser Stage

      The Solr Update Parser stage parses Solr’s "update" messages and transforms them into Fusion PipelineDocuments. This makes it possible to integrate with existing datasets that happen to be in Solr’s "update" format and send them to an index pipeline.

      This parser stage supports XML, JSON, CSV and JavaBin.

      Fusion can also integrate with Solr "update" documents using the SolrXML connector, but the connector only supports XML.

      When parsing CSV files, consider using the CSV parser, which provides more options than the Solr Update Parser. All CSV files are treated the same in terms of structure and schema.

      To learn more about how Fusion’s Solr core indexes "update" documents, see this tutorial. The {fusion_path}/apps/solr-dist/example/exampledocs/ directory contains many of these "update" format documents. Fusion also ships with a {fusion_path}/apps/solr-dist/bin/post utility which is used to index documents from the file system. However, the post utility has no way of integrating with Fusion; its output is sent directly to Solr.

      When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

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