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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Enable Tika Asynchronous Parsing

    When you use the Tika Asynchronous Parser, the connector fetches and indexes a document containing only metadata. It does not index the Tika parsed metadata and Tika parsed body.

    A separate Tika Asynchronous parsing job will fetch the raw file content, parse it with Tika and do a partial update on the document with both the Tika parsed metadata and Tika parsed body.

    See Fusion 4.x V1 Connector Downloads to access the latest versions of the connectors.

    Configure the index pipelines

    When you use asynchronous parsing, you will need to establish two index pipelines.

    Pre-parse pipeline

    The pre-parse pipeline will only fetch and index metadata since it does not have the Tika parsed body or Tika parsed metadata. Within this index pipeline, you will want to make sure you are buffering requests to Solr:

    Configure Solr index pipeline

    This is the default setting. If this option is not selected, select the box. Doing so will increase the indexing speed.

    Post-parse pipeline

    The Tika Asynchronous job will download, parse, and send the parsed document to a second Fusion index pipeline. This pipeline is responsible for updating the Tika body and metadata to the document created in the pre-parse pipeline.

    The index pipeline MUST contain a Solr Partial Update stage with the following selected parameters:

    Tika Async post parse pipeline

    The Solr Partial Update Indexer pipeline will add the Tika fields into the existing document that was added by the connector.

    If you do not select the Process All Pipeline Doc Fields option, you will receive results similar to the following:

    "body_t":"[{\"field\":\"I’m the content from JSON!\"}]"

    Configure the Asynchronous Parser

    Next, we will create the new parser. All settings can be left on the default selections.

    Apache Tika Async Parser

    Configure the datasource

    Configure the datasource to use the asynchronous parser.

    Configure Tika Async datasource

    When you run the datasource job, it will display the documents indexed and will have a special async parsing metadata.

    • _lw_async_parsing_id_i

    • _lw_async_parsing_fail_count_i

    If the connectors have an async parser, they will not download or parse the documents when running the connector job. This will be performed asynchronously by the Tika Asynchronous Parsing job.

    Configure the Tika Async Parsing job

    1. Select Jobs under the Collections header.

      Locate jobs

    2. Click Jobs, and select Add +. Search for Tika to select the option for Tika Async Job.

      Add Tika Async job

    3. Configure fields according to your desired specifications.

      Tika Async configure job

    Field options for the Tika Async parsing job include:

    Field Notes

    Tika Endpoints

    List of Tika server endpoints that are in the cluster. The endpoints will be automatically updated. You do not need to specify the endpoints.

    Pipeline ID

    The Pipeline ID is determined by the partial-update index pipeline you created earlier.

    Find Filter Queries

    This is an optional filter to limit the documents fetched by the Tika Async parser.

    Finder batch size

    This is the Solr rows batch size of the requests.

    Max bytes returned

    The maximum number of characters indexed.

    Max embedded documents

    This determines the amount of embedded documents that should be parsed until additional embedded documents are ignored. Use -1 for unlimited documents.

    Parse timeout

    This configures the length of time for parsing in milliseconds.

    Max Parse Failure

    If a document fails to parse, you can configure the reattempts up to your designated amount of times.

    Insert Batch Max Docs

    This controls the batch size in number of documents before submitting to the index pipeline.

    Insert Batch Max Bytes

    This controls the batch size number of bytes contained in the documents before submitting to the index pipeline.

    1. Finally, configure a schedule for the job to run according to your designated specifications.

    Configure a schedule for the Tika Async job to run

    The logs for the job will be in $FUSION_HOME/var/log/tika-server/tika-async.log