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Fusion 5.11
    Fusion 5.11

    Rewrite Pagination Parameters for Reranking

    Table of Contents

    Rewrite the start and rows parameters to request a constant number of documents from Solr, and apply start and rows pagination to the response at the end of the pipeline.

    This stage is used in conjunction with other stages that rerank documents. It is included in the default query pipeline that enables Smart Answers.

    Rewrite "start" and "rows" parameters to request constant number of documents from Solr and apply "start" and "rows" pagination to response at the end of the pipeline. Used in conjunction with Fusion stages that rerank documents

    skip - boolean

    Set to true to skip this stage.

    Default: false

    label - string

    A unique label for this stage.

    <= 255 characters

    condition - string

    Define a conditional script that must result in true or false. This can be used to determine if the stage should process or not.

    rowsFromSolrToRerank - integer

    Number of results to request from Solr, to be reranked by downstream stages.

    Default: 500