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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12


    A signal is a recorded event related to one or more documents in a collection. Signals can record any kind of event that is useful to your organization. Click signals are the most common type of signals as this is the most common action a user takes with an item. In addition, other signal types can be defined, such as "addToCart", "purchase", and so on.

    Using a sufficiently large collection of signals, Fusion can automatically generate recommendations such as these:

    • Based on the user’s search query, which items are most likely to interest them?

    • Based on the user’s similarity to other users, which additional items are likely to interest them?

    Signals are indexed in a secondary collection which is linked to the primary collection by the naming convention <primarycollectionname>_signals. So, if your main collection is named products, the associated signals collection is named products_signals. The signals collection is created automatically when signals are enabled for the primary collection. Signals are enabled by default whenever a new collection is created.

    Signals are indexed just like ordinary documents. The signals collection can be searched like any other collection, for example by using the Query Workbench with the signals collection selected.

    App Insights provides visualizations and reports with which to analyze your signals. App Insights mainly uses raw signals, but also uses some aggregated signals. Currently only the signal types Request, Response and Click are supported within the App Insights dashboards.

    See the descriptions of signals types and structure for more information.