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      Fusion AI 4.1.1 Release Notes

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      Release date: 7 November 2018


      • Phrase Extraction job improvements

        • The job now trims low-confidence phrases based on likelihood.

        • The job adds a review tag on the result to facilitate the review process based on beginning and ending POS and likelihood.

        • The output now connects phrase tokens with an underscore (_) to make a single token per phrase so that complete phrases can be used as facets.

        • New metadata fields:

          • phrases_count shows how many times the phrases appear in the documents.

          • word_num shows how many words are in the phrase.

        • This release includes optimizations to the default Lucene analyzer configuration.

        • Output names are updated for clarity, such as llr to likelihood and ngram to phrases.

      • The Ranking Metrics job now correctly accepts values for the queryPipelines property in the Fusion UI.

      • The Solr Query pipeline stage has two new properties to configure signals:

        • responseSignalsEnabled

          Disable this option to prevent the stage from generating a response signal containing metadata about the response from Solr.

          Response signals are used by App Insights and experiments.

          In auto-complete pipelines, disable this option to avoid generating a response signal for each keystroke.
        • excludeResponseSignalMatchRules

          If responseSignalsEnabled is "true", then you can prevent generating a response signal based on specific parameters in the query, such as to enable response signals in general but to disable them for auto-complete queries.

      Other changes

      • The Spark driver now cleans up $FUSION_HOME/var/spark/Spark-workDir-* directories and shaded jars correctly on Windows to prevent excessive disk consumption.

      • For installations that were upgraded from 3.1.x to 4.1.0, upgrading to 4.1.1 resolves an issue that prevented successful signal aggregations with the Parameterized SQL Aggregation job.