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    Appkit SDK 4.13.0 Release Notes

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    Release date: 15 September 2021

    The 4.13.0 release includes items from Appkit SDK 4.12.0, which is not a separate release.


    • Upgraded AngularJS framework to 1.8.2

      • Version 1.8.2 meteoric-mining corrects $sceDelegate to ensure that resourceUrlWhitelist() is identical to trustedResourceUrlList().

    • Upgraded JQuery to version 3.60.

      • Version 3.60 corrects security issues during a pen test.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the selection of a query:suggestion component added the following to the URL: an mq parameter and an mq value surrounded by quotes.

    • Fixed a bug where the facet filter for a facet already applied did not clear when select=toggle.

    • Fixed a bug in the search:box with the action attribute where the queries on the search submission page were re-triggered before the page was redirected to the value listed in the action attribute.

    • Fixed an issue where extra requests were made when a new query was submitted if a fixed header and infinite scroll were used.

    • Fixed an issue to ensure a facet filter that contains special characters cannot be deselected.