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      App Studio Concepts

      The concepts section contains articles that are explanatory in nature. It provides a high-level description the various components, functions, and aspects of App Studio.

      To get started, see Downloads.

      For reference information, see the reference section.

      • App Development

        App Studio supports customization using an array of markup elements, or tags, that handle all the complexities of connecting to Fusion and visualizing the response to your queries.

      • App Studio Enterprise

        App Studio Enterprise is a template for building a standalone Appkit application for Fusion. All of the instructions are self contained in the README and relevant configuration files and will lead you through the simple and easy process of configuring an App Studio application.

      • Configuration

        The articles in this section describe how to configure a search application.

      • Extending Appkit

        The Appkit application framework adheres to standard Java web application methodologies making custom development using generally accepted principles perfectly acceptable. In addition to that Appkit provides a number integration hooks for any aspect of the lifecycle and extension points for adding custom capabilities and features to Appkit application.

      • Layout and Styling

        The articles in this section describe the basics of layouts and styling.

      • Navigation

        The articles in this section describe Appkit tags used for navigation.

      • Overview

        The Appkit library of search application components has simple building blocks that can be put together to build complex applications for search and information retrieval.

      • Rendering Search Results

        Search results are the focus of every search interface, and Appkit makes it easy to forge the results precisely to your liking.