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Fusion 5.11
    Fusion 5.11

    Appkit SDK 4.10.0 Release Notes

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    Release date: 27 April 2020


    • A new attribute, auto-populate, is added to the <collaborate:saved-query-list> tag. When set to true, the saved search name is automatically pre-populated with the query term in the URL. The default value for this attribute is false.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused selected filters to be removed from a query after applying new filters on the same facet.

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes returned invalid annotation IDs when using the social response processors, which prevented the end-user from further deleting the annotation (like a bookmark or saved-search).

    • Specifying how many annotations, such as bookmarks or saved-searches, to retrieve using the Social API would not result in the expected behavior. This has now been fixed.

    • Previously, applying the dynamic Solr date range query processor to multiple facets simultaneously in the same configuration resulted in the same gap being applied to all configured facets. This occurred independently of the preexisting filters applied to individual facets, which could lead to inconsistent date range bucketing. This is now fixed.