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    Appkit SDK 4.6.0 Release Notes

    Release date: 27 September 2019

    Upgrading to this version

    In apps created with earlier versions of Fusion App Studio, you can upgrade the Appkit version to 4.6.0.

    Additional upgrade steps

    If you have previously specified requestHandler: / in the platform suggestions configuration files of your apps, you can now remove this parameter.

    In earlier versions, requestHandler: / was used to allow search term suggestions for apps using a query profile, but this parameter is no longer needed.

    For example:

    # Configure a Platform for Solr Query Suggestions
    query-profile: YOUR_QUERY_PROFILE
    requestHandler: /

    Upgrading from Appkit versions prior to 4.4

    If you are upgrading from a version of Appkit prior to 4.4 then you may need to follow additional steps described in previous Release Notes.

    New features

    No new features are included in this release.


    Easier key navigation in result lists

    To support easier keyboard navigation in result lists, for example by using the down arrow to move from result to result, Appkit result titles now use HTML heading tags.

    Specifically, <search:field styling="title"> tags now use <h3> tags instead of <p>.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fusion 5 authentication. Apps created using Appkit 4 and App Studio 4 can now authenticate against Fusion 5.0.

    • Fusion sessions. Existing Fusion sessions are now correctly utilized when authorizing users against a service account.

    • Term suggestions. Search term suggestions no longer fail when using a Fusion query profile.

      If you previously used requestHandler: / as a workaround for this functionality, carry out the upgrade step described in Additional upgrade steps above.

    • Click tracking table results. The <track:clicks> tag now works correctly with <table:result-list>.

    • Click tracking fields. In some conditions, additional fields were incorrectly tracked by the <track:clicks> tag. They are now tracked correctly.