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      Result List tag

      The Result List tag displays the results for a given Response. While it can be used as a standalone tag to output every field for each result, it is most often contains a Result tag with numerous Field tags.


      This example shows how to display all results returned by the Platform. It shows two alternative methods of referencing the fields of each item:

      • Using angular syntax to use the value directly

      • Using the Field tag to produce strictly valid XHTML with comprehensive CSS selectors.

      <search:result-list response="response">
                <h2><a ng-href="{{result | field:'url' | actual}}" target="_top">{{result | field:'title' | actual}}</a></h2>
                <search:field name="body" label=""></search:field>
                <search:field name="concepts" label="concepts" query="query" separator=";"></search:field>

      While not strictly required, the nested <search:result> tag is recommended. For more details, refer to the Result tag.

      Nested Result Lists

      Some search platforms, such as Solr (when using Grouping) and Attivio (which supports the JOIN query operator) will create Results with further nested Results. In Appkit terminology these are named 'related results'. A JOIN will produce a secondary set of hits for each result in the response. This secondary set of hits can be accessed and output using a nested Result List tag:

      <search:result-list response="response">
              <search:field name="country" label="" value-element="h2"></search:field>
              <search:field name="text" label=""></search:field>
              <search:field name="climate" label="Climate" query="query"></search:field>
              <h3>Cities in {{result | field:'title' | actual}}</h3>
              <!-- Nested list of related Results -->
              <search:result-list results="result.related">
                      <search:field name="city" label=""></search:field>

      See the search:result-list tag doc for all available attributes.

      Tag body variables

      The body of the tag will be repeated for every result in the Response.

      ${result} (twigkit.model.Result)
      The result being output. See the Result for available properties.

      • To get a String representation of a Field use: {{result | field:'name' | actual}} or {{result | field:'title' | display}}.