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      App Studio Versions

      How are these products versioned?

      • Appkit is versioned according to updates to the code base.

      • App Studio Wizard is included in the Fusion UI. As a result, the App Studio Wizard version always matches the version of Fusion it is running on.

        Starting in Fusion 5, the App Studio Wizard is no longer included in the Fusion UI. However, you can use App Studio Enterprise to create apps for Fusion 5.
      • App Studio Enterprise versions are loosely tied to the version of the Appkit framework it includes. An update from 4.8.0 to 4.9.0 may not include any changes to App Studio Enterprise.

      What about compatibility?

      • Any version of Appkit can be used with Fusion 4.x. However, only Appkit 4.6.0+ can be used with Fusion 5.y.

      • App Studio Wizard and App Studio Enterprise are used alternatively according to availability and preference.

      • App Studio Enterprise can be used with any version of Fusion or Appkit.

      Can these products be updated independently?

      • Appkit can be updated independently, assuming there are no version compatibility issues.

      • App Studio Wizard is included as part of the Fusion UI in Fusion 4.x. It is updated when Fusion is updated.

      • App Studio Enterprise is released when a new version of Appkit is released. As a result, App Studio Enterprise itself does not need to be updated. To move to the latest code base, simply update the Appkit version within the project.