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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Use Hierarchical Facets

    Fusion 5.5.2 and earlier

    1. Select fields to facet in the Facets query pipeline stage.

      hierarchical facet fields

    2. In the Apply Rules query pipeline stage, select Field Name and Field Delimiter to use. This assumes a facet selected in Step 1 can be separated according to a delimiter, for example / or |.

      hierarchical facet delimiter

    3. Predictive Merchandiser’s facet zone can now display child facets in an expandable list.

      Hierarchy list

    Fusion 5.6 and later

    To configure hierarchical fields settings:

    1. Access the application and click Relevance > Rules > Templates.

    2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the application name to display the Hierarchical fields settings section.

      Hierarchical fields settings

    3. Complete one of the following:

      • To add a new field, click + Add. Enter values in the Field and Delimiter fields and click Apply.

        Any symbol can be used as a delimiter.
      • To edit an existing field, click Field and select the value to edit. Enter the appropriate value in the Delimiter field and click Apply.

      • To delete a field setting, select the value in Field, click X, and then click Apply.

      • To cancel any changes before you apply them, click Cancel.