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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Boost a document in Experience Optimizer

    You can boost a document to a higher position in the search results when your customers run a particular query. This can be helpful if, for example, you have new products in your catalog, or large stocks of some products.

    Boosting a document increases the document’s position in the results, but also takes other factors into consideration. As a result, boosting does not guarantee the document will occupy a specific position in the list. Pinning a document, however, places the document at a specified position regardless of other factors.

    When you boost a document, a new rule is created automatically.

    1. Hold the pointer over a document.

    2. In the menu that displays, hold the pointer over the Actions button.

    3. From the menu, click Boost.

    You can also boost multiple products at once by clicking the checkbox of the product tiles and then clicking Boost.

    Boost bury and block multiple products