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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Configure a REST Call Job to Delete Old Signals

    1. Navigate to Collections > Jobs.

    2. Click Add and select REST Call.

      The REST Call job configuration panel appears.

    3. Enter an arbitrary ID for this job, such as "Delete-old-signals".

    4. Enter the following endpoint URI, substituting the name of your signals collection for signalsCollectionName:

    5. In the Call Method field, select "post".

    6. Under Query Parameters, enter the property name "wt" with the property value "json".

    7. In the Request entity (as string) field, enter the following:

      <root><delete><query>timestamp_tdt:[* TO NOW-2WEEKS]</query></delete><commit /></root>

      See Working with Dates for details about date formatting.

      Your job configuration should look similar to this:

      Signals delete job configuration

    You can configure a schedule for this job at System > Scheduler.