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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Share Objects Between Fusion Apps

    Sharing objects between apps lets you reuse parts of apps and synchronize apps without duplicating objects. For example, after you have developed a query pipeline that is well-suited to your data and search application, you can reuse it in another app with a different set of datasources.

    When a shared object is modified in one app, the changes affect all other apps that share the object.

    To share an object between apps:

    1. Navigate to the app that does not yet include the object.

    2. Navigate to System > Object Explorer or click Find Objects.

    3. Click In Any App.

    4. Select the object you want to include in this app.

    5. Hover over the object to reveal the app icon.

      Hover over an object

    6. Click the app icon.

    7. Select Add to this app.

      Add to this app

      Object Explorer now displays a link between the object and this app:

      Added to this app

    Now you will see the shared object in the Fusion workspace for this app.