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        Use the Query Elevation Component

        1. Create an XML file named elevate.xml in the same directory as the solrconfig.xml file. Use the following as the contents of the file:

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
          Although it will not be accessed for the elevation process, Fusion requires this independent elevate.xml file for the use of built-in rule actions with QEC.
        2. Add the following in the elevator searchComponent:

          <str name="config-file">elevate.xml</str>
        3. Add elevate as a 'last component' part of the select handler in the solrconfig.xml file. If a last-components array is not already defined, create it at the end of the select handler’s configuration. If one is already defined, add <str>elevator</str>.

            <arr name="last-components">
        4. When you create a new business rule, check the USE QUERY ELEVATION COMPONENT checkbox to use elevation.

          rules qec

        The Query Elevation Component only elevates documents within the query rewriting rules engine by the document id field. Ensure id is entered in the "FIELD NAME" option.