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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Schedule a Job

    How to schedule a job
    1. In the Fusion workspace, navigate to Collections > Scheduler.

    2. Select the job from the job list.

    3. Click Run.

    4. Click New Schedule.

    5. Select a job trigger:

      • After Another Job Completes

        Enter the job ID and job result that trigger this one.

        After Another Jobs Completes

      • Cron String

        Enter a Quartz cron expression, using UTC time unless default.timezone is set to another time zone in fusion.cors ( in Fusion 4.x). See the Quartz documentation for additional details.

        Cron String

      • Start + Interval

        Enter a start date/time, an interval, and the interval units. Include seconds in the start time.

        Start + Interval