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    Fusion 5.12

    Get Logs for a Spark Job

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    See the table below for useful commands related to Spark jobs:

    Description Command

    Retrieve the initial logs that contain information about the pod spin up.

    curl -X GET -u USERNAME:PASSWORD http://FUSION_HOST:FUSION_PORT/api/spark/driver/log/JOB_ID

    Retrieve the pod ID.

    k get pods -l spark-role=driver -l jobConfigId=JOB_ID

    Retrieve logs from failed jobs.

    kubectl logs DRIVER_POD_NAME

    Tail logs from running containers by using the -f parameter.

    kubectl logs -f POD_NAME

    Spark deletes failed and successful executor pods. Fusion provides a cleanup Kubernetes cron job that removes successfully completed driver pods every 15 minutes.

    Viewing the Spark UI

    In the event that you need to monitor or inspect your Spark job executions, you can use port forwarding to access the Spark UI in your web browser. Port forwarding forwards your local port connection to the port of the pod that is running the Spark driver.

    To view the Spark UI, find the pod that is running the Spark driver and run the following command:

    kubectl -n namespace port-forward driver-pod 4040:4040

    You can then access the Spark UI on localhost:4040

    For related topics, see Spark Operations.