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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Install the Jive Add-On for Fusion

    Retrieve content from a Jive instance.

    The Jive add-on for Fusion lets you use OAuth to authenticate the Fusion connector to the Jive API. This is a recommended way to use the Jive API. The add-on retrieves a client ID and secret, which are supplied to the Fusion connector. See the Jive product documentation.

    If the client ID and secret cannot be retrieved or used, then Basic authentication is used as a fallback.

    Install the Jive Add-on
    1. Install the Fusion Jive connector using the Fusion UI.

      1. In the Fusion UI, navigate to Indexing > Datasources.

      2. Click Add.

      3. Follow the UI prompts to install the Jive connector. For more information, see Managing Connectors in Fusion 5.x or Managing Connectors in Fusion 4.x.

    2. Following the instructions from the Jive product documentation, use the Jive UI to upload the add-on from your Fusion distribution.

      1. On Linux, the Jive add-on is at

      2. On Windows, the Jive add-on is at