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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Use Predictive Merchandiser Templates

    This article teaches you how to use the Templates feature in Predictive Merchandiser, including how to:

    In the instructions below, a new template is created with two zones for use during a Cyber Monday sales event. One zone is used to display general search results while the other is used to promote specific products for the sale.

    Templates with zones
    The zones used in this article use different query profiles. To follow the instructions as described, you will need to begin with an app that has at least two query profiles.
    Fusion 5.4+ adds custom template types. To learn how to create one, see Create a Custom Predictive Merchandiser Template.

    To begin, access Templates in the Rules Editor by navigating to Relevance > Rules > Templates.

    Create a new template

    1. From the Templates screen, click the New Template button: New template

    2. Assign the template a unique name in the Template Name field. In this example, the value Cyber Monday is assigned.

    3. Choose a Template Type. This example uses the landing template type.

      This value is read-only and for informational purposes only.

    4. Click the Save button to save the new template: Save

    For full configuration, see:

    Add a zone to a template

    Zones enable Fusion users to create rules designed for specific query profiles. Combined with templates, this allows a search application to display results from multiple query profiles in the same view.

    In this example, two new zones are created for the Cyber Monday template.

    1. Add an existing zone to the template by clicking the Existing button. In this example, the Main Results List zone is added by selecting the zone and clicking the Apply button.

    1. Create a new zone by clicking the New button: New zone

    2. Assign the zone a unique name in the Display Name field. For this example, the value Promoted is assigned.

    3. Choose the Query Profile for this zone. This example uses a query profile named promotional-results. This query profile is configured with rules that pin products to the top of the results.

    4. Choose the Zone Type for this zone. This example uses main-results-list.

      This value is read-only and for informational purposes only.

    5. Set the configuration options for the product image, title, and description per your preference.

    6. Click the Save button to save the new zone: Save

    For full zone configuration details, see Zone Configuration Options.

    Edit an existing zone

    You can edit a zone that was already added to a template:

    1. Select the Start Task button.

    2. Select the pencil icon to begin editing the chosen page.

    3. Each zone has a trash can icon to delete the zone. Select the wrench icon to edit the zone.

    4. In the form that appears, make any necessary edits.

    5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

    Set triggering options

    Triggers describe conditions that must be met for a template to display. Trigger options include a set date range and specific search terms. See Triggering Configuration Options for additional details.

    Date range

    1. Click the 0 Active button under Triggering:

      Trigger 0 active

      If there are active triggers, this button changes to reflect that number. For example, this button will read 3 Active when 3 triggers are active.
    2. Click the date range selector and select a start and end date. For this example, choose a date range that includes today’s date.

    3. Click the Save button to save your changes: Save

    Search terms

    1. Click the 0 Active button under Triggering.

    2. Click the Trigger button: New trigger

    3. In the Search Terms field, enter cyber monday.

    4. Set the Match Mode field to phrase.

    5. Click the Add button.

    6. Repeat the process to add a second trigger with Search Terms set to sales event and Match Mode to phrase.

    7. Click the Save button to save your changes: Save

    Test the template

    1. Navigate to the Merchandiser screen.

    2. Enter one of the search terms you configured in the Set triggering options instructions above. This example used the search terms cyber monday and sales event.

      If today’s date does not fall within the template’s date range trigger, the template will not load.

    If everything was configured correctly, you should see the Cyber Monday template is loaded. You can now create different rules for both zones, including pinning promoted products in the Promoted zone.