Fusion 5.10

    use this job to calculate relevance metrics (nDCG etc..) by replaying ground truth queries (see ground truth job) against catalog data using variants from an experiment.

    id - stringrequired

    The ID for this Spark job. Used in the API to reference this job. Allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, dash (-) and underscore (_). Maximum length: 63 characters.

    <= 63 characters

    Match pattern: [a-zA-Z][_\-a-zA-Z0-9]*[a-zA-Z0-9]?

    sparkConfig - array[object]

    Spark configuration settings.

    object attributes:{key required : {
     display name: Parameter Name
     type: string
    value : {
     display name: Parameter Value
     type: string

    groundTruthConfig - Configure ground truth dataset

    Configure properties for Ground truth dataset

    inputCollection - string

    Input collection representing ground truth dataset

    >= 1 characters

    filterQueries - array[string]

    Solr filter queries to apply against Ground truth collection

    Default: "type:ground_truth"

    queryField - string

    Query field in the collection

    Default: query

    docIdField - string

    Field containing ranked doc id's

    Default: docId

    weightField - string

    Field representing the weight of document to the query

    Default: weight

    rankingExperimentConfig - Configure experiment

    Configure properties for the experiment

    inputCollection - string

    Collection to run the experiment on

    >= 1 characters

    queryPipelines - array[string]

    Pipeline variants for experiment

    docIdField - string

    Doc id field to retrieve values (Must return values that match the ground truth data)

    Default: id

    experimentId - string

    Calculate ranking metrics using variants from experiment

    >= 1 characters

    experimentObjectiveName - string

    Experiment objective name

    >= 1 characters

    defaultProfile - string

    Default query profile to use if not specified in experiment variants

    outputCollection - stringrequired

    Output collection to save the ranking metrics to

    >= 1 characters

    rankingPositionK - integer

    Ranking position at K for metrics calculation

    Default: 10

    metricsPerQuery - boolean

    Calculate ranking metrics per each query in ground truth set and save them to Solr collection

    Default: true

    type - stringrequired

    Default: ranking_metrics

    Allowed values: ranking_metrics