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    Fusion 5.12


    The articles in this section describe how to configure a search application.

    • Basic Configuration

      Appkit gives you full flexibility to customize your search application, whilst providing sensible default settings out of the box. A typical search page consists of two parts: preparation of the data model (preparing a query, configuring one or more search platforms, and submitting the search query), and presentation of the search results. Both the data model and all UI components are configured through JSP tags, which allows for rapid prototyping and agile development.

    • Configuration Files

    • Externalising Configuration Files

      A commonly asked question is whether you can obtain configuration files from a location external to the application, that is, somewhere else on the file system. The answer is yes.

    • Localization Keys

    • Overlaying Configuration Values

      To fine-tune your configuration hierarchy prior to production, Appkit has added the ability to overlay configuration hierarchies via the Jetty Maven plugin. While developing an application, you can experiment with a partial configuration and add/update only those properties that you actually must update without touching the application’s main configuration. When the application starts these changes are merged with the application’s main configuration hierarchy.

    • Structure of a Web Application