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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Apache Tika Server Stage

    This stage is deprecated.

    Apache Tika Server is a versatile parser that supports parsing many document formats.

    This stage is not compatible with asynchronous Tika parsing.

    When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

    A simplified Apache Tika parser more geared towards an Enterprise Search crawl where all documents are parsed by sending them to a Tika Server. Files will be sent to the tika-server service for parsing, which greatly lessens the amount of memory needed on Connector pods. Use async-parsing instead. This stage is deprecated.

    id - string

    Default: 18c3602e-a8c2-4752-b62e-b5e09af46a21

    label - string

    A label for this Parser Stage

    <= 255 characters

    enabled - boolean

    Default: true

    mediaTypes - array[string]

    Documents with a media type on this list will be matched by this parser stage. See inheritMediaTypes / use default media types for more.

    inheritMediaTypes - boolean

    Each parser stage has a built-in list of media types it handles by default. If this setting is true, that list will be used along with any optional additional types provided in the mediaTypes list. If this setting is false, this stage will only be selected for media types in the mediaTypes list, and the mediaTypes list becomes a mandatory property which must have at least one valid media type.

    Default: true

    ignoredMediaTypes - array[string]

    Documents with a media type on this list will be not be processed by this parser stage.

    pathPatterns - array[object]

    Specify a file name or pattern that must be matched for this parser stage to run. Forward slashes ("/") are used to join names of files inside archives with the archive name.

    object attributes:{syntax : {
     display name: Pattern type
     type: string
    pattern : {
     display name: File name or pattern
     type: string

    errorHandling - string

    Default: mark

    Allowed values: ignorelogfailmark

    outputFieldPrefix - string

    Fields extracted by this parser will be prefixed with this string. The remainder of the field name will be as detected in the stream

    <= 20 characters

    Match pattern: ^$|^[A-Za-z_][A-Za-z0-9_\-\.]+$

    customTikaServerEndpoints - array[string]

    Optional - If you do not want to use the Fusion's default http://tikaserver service, you can instead specify one or more alternative tika server URLs.

    excludeContentTypes - array[string]

    List of content types to exclude from parsing

    addOriginalContent - boolean

    Default: false

    addFailedDocs - boolean

    Default: false

    includeImages - boolean

    Default: false

    contentEncoding - string

    Default: binary

    Allowed values: binarybase64

    maxBytesReturned - integer

    Sets the maximum amount of bytes that can be returned from the parser.

    Default: 100000000

    maxMetadataFieldBytes - integer

    Sets the maximum amount of bytes that can be stored in each field.

    Default: 30000

    maxEmbeddedDocuments - integer

    The maximum number of embedded documents to parse. Any additional embedded documents past this number will be ignored. If set to -1, it will parse an unlimited. If parse is set to 1, no embedded docs will be parsed. If set to 0, the parser will parse nothing.

    Default: -1

    parseTimeoutMs - integer

    The maximum amount of time in milliseconds that a single parse can take.

    Default: 15000

    cleanNonAsciiText - boolean

    Default: false

    tikaServerClientMaxRetries - integer

    Sets the max number of retries to perform. -1 indicates to retry forever

    Default: 2

    tikaServerClientBackOffDelayMs - integer

    Sets the delay between retries, exponentially backing off to the max delay and multiplying successive delays by the delay factor

    Default: 1000

    tikaServerClientBackOffMaxDelayMs - integer

    Sets maximum delay that can be reached while backing off during retries

    Default: 60000

    tikaServerClientBackOffDelayFactor - number

    Successive delays are multiplied by this factor while retrying

    Default: 2

    tikaServerClientRetryMaxDurationMs - integer

    Sets the max duration to perform retries for, else the execution will be failed

    Default: 120000

    type - stringrequired

    Default: tikaserver

    Allowed values: tikaserver